QRAD™ Version 1.26 Released for Uber & Lyft Drivers

The QRAD™ Android mobile app Version 1.26 has just been released and is available now in the Google Play Store.  Click on QRAD in the menu at the top right for the download link – or search for ‘QRAD’ in the Google Play Store.

View/Download the QRAD™ app in the Google Play Store 

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  1. I love the concept but when I have both on athe at the same time and I get a ride it doesn’t disable the one the other app. Am I doing something wrong

    1. Dear Mr. Donald:

      You are not doing anything wrong – see below.

      When you get a ride on UBER, QRAD can disable (go offline) on Lyft.

      However, currently, when you get a ride on Lyft, QRAD cannot disable (go offline) on Uber.

      This is because some time in the middle of 2018, Uber came up with a vastly revised version of their driver app. In this new version, Uber has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent another app from taking Uber offline. Prior to this new Uber app version, QRAD could and did take Uber offline automatically.

      As far as we know, this broke all apps that used to be able to take Uber offline, including QRAD. And as far as we know, there is no app today that can take Uber automatically offline.

      QRAD *can* take Uber or Lyft automatically ONLINE at the end of a ride.

      Please note that the app description for QRAD clearly states that it does not take automatically go offline in all cases.

      We clearly recognize that capability is highly desirable and are working on finding a solution to taking Uber offline automatically. But at present, QRAD can only bring up the Uber driver app so that the user can take it offline manually more easily.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      QRAD support team

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