Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the app need Accessibility Permissions?

The app monitors the status of the driver apps and attempts to go offline/online on them using Accessibility permissions.  These permissions must be enabled for the app in order for it to work.  Accessibility permissions are not used for any other purpose.

How do I enable Accessibility Permissions for the app?

  • Go to Device Settings (on most phones, swipe down on the top bar, then click the gear icon)
  • Click on Accessibility (Vision, Hearing, Dexterity..)
  • Scroll down to the Services section and find QRAD
  • Click on QRAD and set permission to ON.

Note: The procedure may vary depending on the type of device.

Do I need to always keep the app open for it to work?

No.  The app works in the background, even after a device reboot.  It normally needs to be opened only if you need to modify the settings or make other changes.

How do I provide feedback on the app, or ask a question?

Open the app, click on the menu button (three dots) at the top right, and click Help.  Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the app and online (this page).  After reading the FAQs, if you still need to contact customer support,  click the Email Customer Support button.

If you are reporting an issue, try to provide as much detail as possible – including steps required to reproduce the issue.

If you are submitting a suggestion, please indicate how useful you think it will be to all drivers.

When the app is first brought up after install or after a reboot, why does the Driving Status not appear immediately?

The driving status will show after you have opened the driver app for the Rideshare service (Uber, Lyft) at least once. The driver app need not remain open after the first open.

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